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Round Up Saloon & Dance Hall

Round Up Saloon & Dance Hall opened its doors and made its inaugural debut on July 11th, 1980, meaning it has been in business for a whopping thirty five years! Show me a club that stays in business for over one to two years and I'll show you a moderately successful club. Show me one that is in business for over 35 years? Then I'll show you the best club in the city. Round Up Saloon & Dance Hall has been coined the home of Good Times and Good People for a great number of years and in all honesty offers some of the best dancers and the best cowboys in the Dallas / Fort Worth area as well as the entire country.

Round Up Saloon & Dance Hall has hosted a great number of occasions. If you name it, they've done it. Consider such charitable events like The Easter Basket Auction, Turtle Creek Choral, PSSA and DIVA specials, Texas AIDS Bike Ride, Razzle Dazzle Dallas support, The Denim Party, and more. They even started the "Rent a Cowboy" trend that you see popping up around the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Round Up Saloon & Dance Hall raises over $120,000 per year for local Dallas charities. That's over one hundred and twenty thousand dollars! Amazing!

If you're considering going clubbing and you're looking to meet some cowboys - or you're a group of cowboys looking for a great way to meet women - then considering heading out to the Round Up Saloon & Dance Hall. You'll be sure to have a fantastic time, surrounded by fantastic people, in one of the best dance clubs in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Be sure to visit Round Up Saloon & Dance Hall.

Round Up Saloon & Dance Hall - 3912 Cedar Springs Road Dallas Texas, 75219 - 214-522-9611

Good times had by all

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