The pricing at Party Bus Dallas is second to none. We charge by the hour in grouped block of time. This allows for the most accurate, fair, and easy billing process possible. If you agree to the price of a vehicle and you book a vehicle for a 6 hour block, you simply pay the (pre-agreed upon price) × (six hours). This means if the party bus or limousine is available at $120/hour, you can multiple $120 by 6 to get the full price. The total price would be $720 for six hours of high end entertainment. Not bad if you ask us!

Ways to save money

If you feel that the price is a bit on the steep end, and we do understand that it could be, we have compiled some ways for you to save money. First off, consider renting your limousine or party bus in our off season. Our busiest season is generally from spring to fall. This encompasses weddings, proms, and all of the other summer time activities. If you can avoid renting during these times, the price of your party bus will drop a fair amount for every hour that you use it. This is due to the fact that vehicles are simply less in demand which, in return, gives you a discount.

Consider splitting the cost

If the vehicle price is still too expensive - let's face it, not everybody has an extra $500-$700 laying around - then that's okay. We have other money saving solutions in the realm of renting a party bus or limousine from Party Bus Dallas. One of the best ways to make even the most expensive limousine or party bus affordable is to simply split the cost on a per person or per couple basis. ($700) / (28 people) = $28.00 per person. So if you split the cost on a per person basis, you can get hours of endless entertainment for only $28.00! That's nearly an unbeatable price.

Ask for specials

From time to time we run specials for events that need a shorter amount of time. Things like weddings, birthday parties, and day time functions generally need less time. We often overlook our minimum hourly rate in order to give a discounted rate for those special day time events. If your special event

All in all, if you're going out for a fun evening, the last thing that you want to do is spend an arm and a leg on the cost of the transportation. We'll do our best in order to save you money, offer discounts, and simply ensure that you have a good time, great experience, and an unforgettable trip.